Wholesome Education

Education paves the way to self-empowerment. The MPR Society adopted an Anganwadi center and a Mandal Parishad Primary (MPP) school under the project, Gnana Jyothi. The mission of this initiative was to make school a place to enjoy and learning fun!

The Mandal Parishad Primary (MPP) School was renovated, with new toilets and improved classrooms. The Feuji Foundation provided the KYAN Digital Education Kit to train children with the fundamentals of computers. Digital learning is now a part of the curriculum in the MPP School.The MPR Society conducted several weekly training programs for the teaching staff at the MPP School.

In the schools adopted, the MPR Society improved sanitation by building 6 newly constructed bathrooms. The MPR Society introduced the Annadata Sukhi Bhava scheme in the schools to provide nutritious mid-day meals for the students. This scheme eradicated malnutrition in the children of the village.

Today The MPP School educates 135 students and we are very positive about the increase in the strength of the students.