Communication & Connectivity

Communication and connectivity are the two crucial metrics to measure the development of a community. The MPR Society renovated the Gram Panchayat building in the village and established a Mee Seva Center for addressing all government and document handling queries of the villagers. The Mee Seva Center has been instrumental in building a strong communication network in the village, backed by a good grievance handling system. The village is also equipped with high-speed internet connectivity through a cyber grid from the government of Andhra Pradesh.

Regular Gram Sabha meetings are held at the Gram Panchayat building. These meetings get people together, allow them to brainstorm, and resolve their issues. This initiative paved a way for self-governance in the village and helped Uppalapadu achieve cult status in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The communication system in the village paved a way for better connectivity. The MPR Society was instrumental in improving the infrastructure of the village by building roads, parks, green spaces, temples, and churches for better connectivity and navigation in the village. This project enabled an exponential increase in the land prices and rents, yielding better sale prices to homeowners in the village.

Today, the people of Smart Uppalapadu are aware and self-reliant. They extend their whole-hearted support for the village development.

The ‘before and after images’ below capture the transformation journey