The JPV Regular School conducts events regularly to bring teachers, students, and parents together. With the encouragement from the Feuji Foundation and the cooperation of parents, teachers, and students, the school has been conducting regular parent-teacher meetings, virtual classes, fun learning activities, summer camps, and festival celebrations.

Students had a fun day welcoming Spring 2021!

Students learned how to thoroughly wash their hands and keep themselves sanitized in these testing times.

Students attended a fitness and wellness session in the JPV School premises.

The JPV Regular School celebrates every festival with everyone, irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, and color. The school creates a culture that respects all religions.

Children’s Day at JPV Regular School was grandly celebrated in November 2019. Several activities like dances, ramp walks, and skits were organized at the event. A drawing competition was also conducted and prizes were given away to the winners.

Dussehra was celebrated in 2019 grandly with sports and fun activities. Students and parents showed active participation in this event. Prizes were distributed to winners in all competitions.

An event to celebrate Teachers’ Day was organized at the JPV Regular School on 5th Sept 2019.

A grand event was organized to celebrate the 73rd year of independent India in the JPV School.

The Kitchen Garden activity was inspired by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD). The students of the JPV Regular School started their kitchen garden. The activity inculcated ownership and accountability in students towards their plants and reaped beautiful results in their all-round education.

Students and teachers at JPV Regular School are provided with mid-day meals, with an agenda to provide nutritious food to the school management, students, and teachers.

A grand opening ceremony was celebrated in the year 2019, on the first day, the school started operations.