case studies
  • Client is not able to improve the retention of user on their website
  • Did not had any active Social Media channels thereby not able to attract social traffic
  • Not able to increase user interest towards their Peer 2 Peer lending platform due to lack of good content


case studies
  • Designed and Developed a new light weight and responsive WordPress CMS based website
  • Activated all social media channels and linked them to a Hootsuite account
  • Provided Content Marketing and Creative Design services to generate compelling content

Other Clients



Client is one of the large players in the online vitamin supplement business operating in North America

  • Provided a trained and dedicated RA team with some proprietary content gathering tools to increase data gathering speed.
  • Increased HerbsPro channel sales through SEO, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, PPC marketing etc.

The Original Shawarma

Client is a upcoming restaurant chain in Hyderabad with about 7 branches wanting to expand to 20 and also nationally soon

  • Provided Integrated Marketing services that covers Offline Marketing and Online Marketing activities
  • Providing Design, Content Management, Social Media Management and Paid Marketing services
  • Designed specific promotional contests to increase count, introduced Loyalty program