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They say it's a small world but what we believe is- the land of business is as vast as we want it to be. This belief has motivated us to look beyond the realm of the modern day marketing and infuse it- with the traditions of the past.

Digital Funnel aspires to provide present day businesses, with a personalised strategical marketing strategy that aims at a measurable result.

We specialise in an Integrated Digital Marketing that brings back values and qualityof offline marketing strategies to the quantity of today’s digital media units and needs.

We envision to provide a service, powerful enough to approach the masses.

Principle of Digital Funnel

Digital Funnel Marketing works on a simple principle of a Funnel. The aim of of the funnel is to provide a strategy and Implementation plan that facilitates qualitative filtering of raw traffic from multiple digital channels into convertible business opportunities

Working of the Funnel

Digital Funnel provides its services in a consultative approach by getting involved with the your stake holders and trying to understand your business the way you do. Once we have a reasonable understanding of your business and the potential audience relevant to your business we will come up with a customized RACE Strategy that will ensure you get the results desired through the four funnel stages.


REACH Funnel

Once the goals and needs are understood, we go forward with a discipline to enhance your digital reach. The primary aim of the “Reach” funnel stage is to engage the brand, with the search engines, social media in totality that will help the consultancy in enhancing the exposure of the brand into the market. This step would identify the market’s trending online posts and make sure your organization has the due exposure needed.

We work on gathering more traffic, to make sure that the brand’s name has a wide audience. The key measures of this step are to gain followers, to increase the awareness of the brand in the market and to enable the brand to keep up with the fierce competition they would face online.


ACT Funnel

Once the “Reach” is developed, we concentrate on ways to engage the users to ACT on your content. This stage will be very critical to engage the users and the same will be ensured by us by way of developing engaging content about your products / services across your digital assets including your Website, Social Channels, Blogs etc.

This step identifies and measure any leads generated by way of user interaction with the generated content and it will also help us measure the time spent by users on your content and how much of activity has been done by the users by way of sharing your content and commenting on your content.



The "Convert" Funnel stage is a further refined data where in only users who have performed some call to action on your content will get through and this could mean you either got a sales conversion or an enquiry through the enquiry form. This step will help us measure the parameters like the sales volume, profit / loss and average order value etc

One of the key objectives for Digital Funnel at this stage is to ensure there is continuous increase in the conversion process month on month by continuously optimizing the previous Reach and Act processes



This step is the most important and vital in the funneling process as it betters the customer relationships and brings scope to the customer loyalty. We will ensure that our strategies in this stage increase the satisfaction levels of your customers and make them your brand ambassadors. In this stage we will also ensure that your current customers are loyal and will bring you repeat business.