//Can Mobile centric marketing bring better results today?

Can Mobile centric marketing bring better results today?

Today, Mobile marketing has turned out be a significant factor for all business needs. Smartphones and mobile devices are a huge part of most people’s lives. People were spending more of their online time on their mobile devices than laptops or desktop computers. It means that if your online efforts are focused on regular internet marketing, you’re missing out a great opportunity. And if your site and sales funnel are not mobile friendly, you are risking your business and livelihood.

Here are the three different ways for an effective mobile marking campaign for your business.

Be reachable
Being mobile friendly and actively going out there and marketing to mobile users ensures that you are always reachable. If your potential customers are at work and checking on your open hours during lunch time, then you’re doing a great job. No matter how they use their mobile devices to connect with you and your business, it will work and you will be able serve them with the information or products they need.

Connect With Your Mobile Customers
Mobile is also great for interacting with customers through a different medium. This may include emails, social media or your media. The key is to be the place your customers are. Get before your target audience and start communicating with them. Not only this will help you with business in general, it will also help you identify any issues with your site may cause with mobile users. Keep the lines of correspondence open, get before an ever increasing number of individuals intrigued by what you do, and great things will happen.

Take advantage of their smartphone
Mobile marketing truly sparkles when you realize and take advantage of the fact that your audience is on their smart phone. For example, if you have a brick and mortar business, you could use the location information to make it easy for them to find your business. You can use location information in your online business to automatically estimate shipping and tax information during the order process.

Once a customer purchase any product from your business you could follow up and ask them to snap a picture and give a little review of the product or share on social media